Fear: Overcoming Obstacles to Success

23 Oct

Do you let fear and negativity hold you back from going after your goals, whether they be related to health, career, family or other areas in your life?  Do you find yourself saying “what-if” and then speculating on what the worst possible outcome could be if things don’t go your way?  We often approach new endeavors with fear in our hearts.  It’s challenging  to change that perspective.  We don’t want to fail.  We let fear guide us.  

Someone once said to me, “Answer your worst ‘what-if.’”  Often times, you’ll find that while the outcome may not be desirable, it’s also not something that is life-altering.  One the other hand, what if you tried something with the attitude that you could not fail, that given enough time and hard work, you would be successful.  What if you turned your “what-if” statement into something positive?  You thought of the very best thing that could happen.  

Use the following strategies to help you overcome fear and push toward your goals.

 Feed yourself with positive statements.  Think of the best thing that might come of any situation.  This might encourage you to try something you might not have otherwise attempted.

Surround yourself with a support network that believes in you.  The people you invest time in should see your potential.  Learn to recognize negative energy and remove it from your lives. Find a few people who support you no matter where you go.  Make this your “go-to” group.  Often times finding a mentor, someone you look up to, can be of great help.

Write down your successes to date: If you’re anything like me, you accomplish something, celebrate it, and quickly move to your next goal.  It’s easy to forget the small milestones along the way.  Make a list of all the things you have done of which you are proud.  Post the list as a reminder.  This will help keep you motivated to keep moving forward.

Allow yourself to fail: Great success often follows failure. It does so because a person learns from their mistake and is willing to try again, and try harder.  Don’t let failure keep you down.  Use failure as a learning experience, and allow it to ignite your passion to succeed the next time.

 Changing your perspective and the way you view things can make the difference in your ability to handle any situation and achieve your goals.  Learn to let fear go and watch how quickly you soar!


One Response to “Fear: Overcoming Obstacles to Success”

  1. James Patrick October 23, 2011 at 11:40 pm #

    Such a fantastic blog post! I agree with everything you stated. I especially like the comment on allowing yourself to fail sometimes. We can’t always win, but sometimes it helps to at least jump and try!

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