Just Breathe: The Essence of Being Real

26 Oct

The essence of beauty and meaning is found in realness. Find that space that allows you to be at peace with exactly where you at, breath deeply and use that moment to move forward.

Just breathe – that’s what I tell myself to get through the difficult moments. How is it that we can go through challenging times so incredibly motivated and positive, but always end up at some point in a space that takes our breath away? What do successful people do to overcome that? Does everyone have moments like this, or is it just me?

The impetus for this blog started in my effort to just be real. To expose the challenges people face and offer strategies to help overcome them. I wanted to put myself out there. As I got going, I steered away from that goal, thinking that in opening myself up I might derail any future career plans I’d created. I played it safe. Safe earns you a solid B grade. That’s good, you didn’t fail, right?

What’s real though? Real is me sitting on the couch crying, thinking about the overwhelming feeling of having to balance everything. Real for me is doing a lot of things good, and nothing perfect right now. Real is admitting that there is confusion in trying to achieve your accomplishments, and there is a fear of failure. Real is high and low. Real is okay.

How then do I handle this moment, this feeling, and use it to better myself? I’ll pull in a few strategies I’ve learned over time that always seem to help.

1) Be true to yourself: It’s easy to get so busy doing what others say is the right thing that we forget to do what’s right for us. This is evidenced for me lately in my lack of running in an effort to shape the perfect bikini body for competition. It might win me competitions, but it certainly doesn’t give me any clarity. Clarity for me comes from long runs where I can take time to reflect on what’s important. I need that. When you figure out what it is that gives you clarity and makes you happy, whether it be yoga, running, crafting with your kids, the outdoors, cooking, whatever it is that you do for yourself, don’t let it go.

2) Repeat your mantra: I have a few mantras. One being, “You’ve got to want it more than anything else”. Two being the title of this article, “Just breathe”. Honestly sometimes I forget that, causing me a near panic attack, which brings this mantra back into focus. I remember to repeat those things when I find myself in moments like this. These mantras help me in a number of areas. I use them during hard work-outs to help me get through. I use them in nutrition when I am tempted to consume something that might give me immediate pleasure but in the long run I know I’ll regret. I say them, write them, believe them.

3) Take a moment: Clarity is achieved through stepping back and re-evaluating. It’s okay to change things. In my work-outs, I often take a few days off. I’ve learned that this allows my body to re-program itself and provides me better motivation to start back up. This strategy seems to work for life. Check out once in a while. Let your goals go for a few days and allow yourself time to just be. Meditate, sit on the beach and reflect, go for a long walk, have fun, laugh, meet a friend for a glass of wine, hand write a letter to someone, play with your kids or watch your favorite movie. Hopefully in allowing yourself time to decompress you will come back stronger.

These are some the things that work for me in challenging moments. What works for you? What mantras do you have? What are some of the strategies you use to help re-gain focus in life? I invite you to share your thoughts, either publicly or privately with me. And to those of you who have opened up to me lately and shown me how “real” you are, thank you. You have inspired me to write this post.


One Response to “Just Breathe: The Essence of Being Real”

  1. dancerbodyfitchick October 29, 2011 at 1:18 am #

    Excellent post! I’m happy to hear that you are running again. Enjoy your moving meditation and clarity, my friend 🙂

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