Never Say Nothing: Insights on How to Inspire Others

1 Dec

 There are a lot of ways we can inspire others.  Through our actions, through our convictions, through helping others find opportunities or just through what we say.  I think about inspiring like a glass of marbles half full, every action and every word we say or do either detracts or adds to a person.  The collection of who we become over years has a lot to do with how many marbles we collect over time.  As children, if we are told time and time again we cannot or are incapable of doing something we begin to believe it.  The same is true if we don’t receive enough positive feedback.   The lens in which we see the world becomes jaded and we begin to believe this. 

One thing to consider is how we go about promoting others.  How do we influence others in order to help them best achieve their personal goals, dreams, and aspirations?  Have you ever thought maybe you wanted to try at something and began to tell people and gauge their reaction?  There’s always people who look at you with no confidence and say you are crazy.  Those people are easily dismissable.  Chances are they are unhappy with their life or threatened by your desire to do something amazing.   The more challenging is the people you respect, trust, and look to for affirmation who say very little.  You’re left wondering what that means.  Saying nothing can feel almost as bad as actually hearing something negative because nothing translates into “I don’t believe you can”. 

 The best case scenario in this is being the person that says “yes you can and how can I help”.  Hearing enough “yes you cans” will often prompt a person to act.  An inspired and supported person, despite raw talent, education, monetary means, or otherwise, can accomplish amazing things.    When we sell others short by not believing enough to say I know you can get there, no matter what the goal, we are essentially selling ourselves short.  We’ve lost the opportunity to make a tremendous impact on someone. 

Consider who you are for the people around you?  Are you the person who promotes success in others?  Do you encourage those around you to strive for their goals, no matter how grand they might be?  Do you see the potential in someone who might not have raw talent but is willing to work hard?  Finding ways to promote others can truly fill you with joy. Remember as you work toward being a motivator that keeping quiet rarely ever translates into something positive.  Be the one that says, “yes you can do this, I believe in you, let’s figure out how to make it happen”.  Make a difference!


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