Partner Up: How Exercising with Friends Can Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals

13 Mar

One of the most difficult aspects of any fitness journey is maintaining motivation.  The key to being successful is having a solid support network, often times made up of friends and family, that can keep you motivated.  What better way than to develop a buddy workout plan to keep you on track.

Finding the right person is critical to your success!  You may be tempted to look to your closest friend, or the easiest person to connect with; however, that person might not always be the best choice.  Finding an individual with similar goals, abilities and schedule is important!

The idea of finding the right friend might sound difficult because it involves putting yourself out there, but it actually may turn out to be easier than you think.  Many people have a desire to get in shape and value creating relationships through the process. Take a risk and let people know you are interested in partnering up to get in shape.  Try these strategies to find your fitness friend.

  • Place a note in your local coffee shop on their community board
  • Talk to the staff at your local gym
  • Find a community online forum that offers you a place to advertise
  • Join a meet-up group (www.
  • Ask friends to suggest friends.  It’s highly possible that even though your close friends might not be the best fit, they might know people who are interested.

Once you find a buddy it’s time to create Your fitness achievement plan (FAP).  This plan should clearly outline your goals and the specific steps you plan to take to reach success.  Use the following steps to creating your plan.

  • Identify what specifically it is you want to achieve.  For example, do you want to lose weight, lower your body fat, successfully run a race, build muscle or improve your endurance?
  • Create a schedule. Try to include at least one work-out a week with your buddy.  Developing relationships can easily be fostered by talking on the phone, communicating online and texting, but face-to-face contact will always remain the best way to achieve this.  Lasting memories will be the ones that you create in person.  Furthermore, it will aid in your ability to push each other harder.  Your buddy workout can be one you meet and have someone lead you in or one that you do together.
  • Identify ways you can communicate virtually that keep you on track.  You might decide to e-mail each other every day with the exercises you did.  Another idea is to create an online shared document where you post your weekly goals.
  •  Plan for results.  You should have an end goal in mind, and a plan for a celebration.  If your goal is to run a race successfully, you and your friend might plan to travel to a fun destination to participate.  Maybe you aim to have a spa day once your reach your weight lose goal.  Whatever it is you hope to accomplish, plan something special to commemorate your success.

Achieving your fitness goals can be fun.  Enlisting the support of a friend and working at it together is one sure-fire way to insure that your plans don’t derail!  Find the right person, create a fitness achievement plan and identify ways to celebrate success.  If you can make it fun and find people to help you stay accountable, you are already on your way!


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