What’s Holding You Back? How to Get Fit, Achieve Your Goals and be Simply Amazing

5 May

Do you have goals to get in shape yet fail to achieve them?  Better yet, do you have goals in life that seem overwhelming and unattainable?  Why is that and what are you doing to do to change it?  Getting fit requires dedication and persistence; there is no arguing that fact.  However, many people are aware of that and willing to dedicate time to improving their health.  The greater issue that holds some of us back might just be the fear of failure.

What does this look like?  Consider this example.  Including strength training in your routine is beneficial for a multitude of reasons and just spending fifteen minutes on the weight room floor at some point during your workout can produce positive results.  So do you do it?  If not, why?  The why for some of you could be:

1)      You feel uncomfortable on the weight room floor because you don’t know how to use the equipment well.

2)      You worry people will stare at you.

3)      You mostly feel like you will look like a fool up there because you have no idea what you are doing. (You know this is true!  I feel like this all the time.  To this day I still feel uncomfortable on the weight room floor by myself).

At the root of this is that you worry how people will perceive you.  You fear you will be judged negatively.  So, what I say to this is who cares?  What if you were willing to risk judgment and hit the weights?  Do it wrong, ask for help, jump in like you were meant to be there.  Chances are things would turn out much better than expected.  You might even find you like being there and enjoy the results you achieve.

Let’s take this same scenario when it comes to running and racing.  There are a lot of people who say “I can’t run.”  I’m just going to call you out on that and say in 90% of the cases I’m not buying that.  I will agree with the fact that maybe running a marathon in less than four hours for you is not in the cards.  However, running takes all different forms.  You can do intervals of running and walking.  You can do short jogs, you can trail run which takes some of the pressure off your joints.  As a matter of fact, you can even run in a pool if you wanted.  Have you ever thought, maybe I should run a race and then decided it was a bad idea?  Why did you do that?  Maybe it’s because:

1)      You thought you were not fast enough.

2)      You worried you might not finish it.

3)      The training scared you off.

4)      You were worried people might look at you because you are not a good runner.  They might say, “Why is she running this?”

The reality is that simply by showing up you have achieved something far greater than you could have imagined.  You have conquered your fear and said I am willing to fail.  This line of thinking doesn’t only relate to physical fitness, it relates to everything in life.  People succeed because they are willing to try.  Those who have achieved great things did it because they didn’t listen to the voice inside their head that said “It might be too much work, you might not succeed, and people will judge you.”

We can learn a lot from children about success and happiness.  Think about when you were a young child and how you perceived world.  What did you think was possible?  Did you ever say I want to be the president of the United States, or an astronaut or a professional baseball player?  You probably did and were completely serious.  When did we stop doing that?  Think about that.

Be willing to risk, try something different.  You are amazing.  People might tell you that you are not but the minute you start believing that you’ve failed.  You have to risk achieving your goals.  It requires being scared, being judged and being vulnerable, but in doing so the rewards are plentiful.  You HAVE to be willing to look like a fool to be amazing.

In the words of Seth Godin, “You become a winner because you are good loosing.”  Get comfortable with loosing, being the dumbest person in the room, looking like a fool, being out of your league and trying things that others don’t believe are possible.  Surrounding yourself with people who think this way as well helps.  Find people who say “yes you can.”  Pay little attention to the critics that say it can’t be done or doubt you.  Find those individuals that you can call up on a whim, share your accomplishments and they will cheer for you.  Be that person for others as well!  I promise if you begin to think this way you will achieve greatness, and even better yet, you will likely inspire others in your journey.


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