Exercise of the Week: Activate Those Glutes!

10 May

It’s been said that one of the things that can help you go from a good athlete to a great athlete is developing your glutes.  Working with resistance bands is highly effective in helping you achieve this goal.  This exercise, if done properly, can produce excellent results.  Beginners should start with one band around their ankles.  Advanced individuals can add another band just above the knee for added resistance.

Step #1: Start with your feet hip width apart .  Place the band accordingly, squat down and ensure your toes stays inward.

Step #2: Push through the heel and take a step.  Alternate sides.

Everytime I do this exercise I feel my legs and glutes building muscle!  As a runner, I tend to lose a good deal of my glute muscles and this exercise helps to maintain and build.  In addition, come race time it also helps me develop the strength to power through those last miles in a race.

Thank you to Scott Keppel and Kelli Michelle from Scott’s Training Systems http://www.scottstrainingsystems.com/  for demonstrating this exercise.


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