Running Tips: Creating Your Own Beginner’s Luck

22 May
Photo Copyright Drew McKenzie

Photo copyright Drew McKenzie

Ask any runner and chances are if they haven’t been running from a young age they will respond “I didn’t like doing this when I started”. Beginning to run can be challenging but it can provide great benefits over time. When you get started don’t think of running as winning races. Think of it as moving your body just a little faster than you usually walk around the mall. Anyone has the potential to do that. Decide today that you are going to incorporate it into your routine.

To Get Started:

1) Commit – just decide this is something you are going to do. Don’t think too much about it or you will talk yourself out of it. Put on your tennis shoes and just head out.

2) Pace Yourself – When you begin run as far as your body will allow. When you reach a point where you can’t go anymore stop and walk for a bit. Pay careful attention to how your body reacts. Don’t try to overdo your training the first month. If you start slowly you are more apt to continue.

3) Improve – Each day you run go just a bit farther than you did before. Maintain this pattern until you are running greater distances with ease. Don’t think about the entire run as you get started; just convince yourself to go for one more minute.

To Keep Going:

1) Schedule – Figure out what the best time of day for you to run is and stick with that. For many it’s early morning. Getting it done early ensures that you make time.

2) Fuel Positive Energy. The “I think I Can” attitude is always what allows us to accomplish our goals. Make a point to put quotes on your bulletin board, read success stories of runners, and subscribe to blogs. These things will keep running fresh in your mind and help you stay focused.

Overcoming Challenging Days:

1) There will be days when you struggle to get going. Just commit to five minutes and allow yourself to stop if you can’t make it. Generally once you get started you will keep going until you get to the end.

2) Enlist a support group. Join a running club, find a partner or become part of an online accountability group. These will foster support and motivation.

3) Reward Yourself. Set goals and when you achieve them do something nice for yourself. You might decide to treat yourself to a new running accessory every time you reach a certain distance. 4) Use mantras. Positive self-talk while you are running is critical. You CAN do this! Use phrases such as this:

Every day I get a little stronger and a little faster.

 I will not see results immediately but that doesn’t mean I am not making progress.

 I am worth it. I can do this.

I am improving with every step.

Want to read runner’s tips? Check Runner’s World Magazine at,7120,s6-238-267–14131-0,00.html  for more info. Good luck in your journey. Remember, once you get started, you’ll never look back!

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