A Very Easy Way to Impact the Lives of Others

15 Jun

I’ve noticed that my blog has been less stream of consciousness and more carefully thought out, so one goal I have is to not only include content that has a journalistic style but also has some casual posts that share tips, experiences and thoughts I think are helpful.  Along those lines today I’ll share my day yesterday and how one comment impacted me.

I didn’t actually get out of my pajamas yesterday.  I woke up and before my eyes were even open started working, meanwhile managing children.  A challenge to say the least.  I’ve been traveling the West Coast for the past 8 days working on photo shoots, styling and doing some of my own modeling work, so obviously that was somewhat of a high.  Upon my return I always have moments like “what’s next”.  I need to find the next thing.  That can be overwhelming at times.  I’m fairly certain I am juggling 20 projects right now.  On the tail end of all of them is becoming a ranked runner, which is funny because I get going trying to land modeling opportunities, speaking opportunities, styling jobs, working on articles and then think to myself… “Ohh wait, I need to go run”.  That should probably be at the top of my priority list.

By 2:00 p.m. I decided I needed Starbuck to cure my blues.  Still basically in my pajamas I headed to my local Starbucks incognito (I looked really bad)!  The barista, upon seeing me, recognized me.  I think from my picture in an article I recently published.  Of all times to be recognized, why am I not at least showered?  Needless-to-say, she has nice things to say about my work.  Just hearing her say she appreciated my writing completely changed my day.  That one comment meant more to me than any other good news I could have received.  She reminded me of why I work hard to do the things I do.  To exceed my own expectations, live my dream and inspire others. It’s not supposed to be easy all the time.  The most rewarding never are.

So, as I head into my day today, I am going to keep in mind the value of sharing kind words with others.  Often we don’t take the extra minute to tell someone they have made a difference to us.  Sometimes when I do this I fear people will think I am odd, disingenuous or just over-the-top. Okay, I am over-the-top sometimes but that’s a different blog!  Never-the-less, my goal is to never miss the chance to share with someone they made a difference to me.  It can turn a day around, it can turn a life around.  It can make a difference.


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