Life Without a Roadmap

13 Jul

I think sometimes we expect life to be easy.  When it isn’t or it doesn’t go as planned we get confused and upset.  Why is this so hard to navigate, you might ask yourself.  It just is.  Life is about making a series of difficult choices.  Each one leads to a different end point.

I wish I had a great bullet point list of how to effectively navigate this.  That would come in very helpful for many people.  Unfortunately, that’s not what this blog will really offer.  What I will say though is at the end of the day, there is one thing that’s important to remember.  Life rarely turns out exactly how you expect it to.  The more you aim to map it out, the less likely you are to end up exactly where you want.  The reason behind that is in following a particular path you thought you set for yourself, you miss the unique possibility of all the things that might bring you happiness.

It’s like this, imagine a trip from Arizona cross-country to Florida.  You can map it out and follow the path exactly there.  However, you might get half way across the country and the road is closed.  You might get half way there, look at the clock and feel like you are way behind schedule in you’re getting where you want to be.  This can easily ruin your trip.  On the other hand, maybe down a different road, one that you didn’t expect to be on, one that takes more time, you find great fulfillment.  While you path looks different from what you envisioned, it brings you more happiness than you thought possible.  Don’t map out life, get lost along the journey and discover the beauty the lies in undiscovered and unexpected places.

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