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Simple Health and Fitness: A Life Approach

24 May

What sells?  Magazine covers that read “5 minutes to a better body.”  Cookbooks that are titled “Eat what you want and lose weight.”  Diet plans that advertise “Take this pill and get fit and firm”.  That sells because it’s an easy fix, but the reality of getting the body you’ve dreamed of and the level of health and fitness you desire is simply not a quick fix.

So, with that said, the first thing you need to decide is do you really want to achieve this?  I’m going to give you some very good reasons why your answer should be yes.

While it’s very challenging to begin, in the long-term you will feel better about yourself, be more productive and able to navigate life more effectively.

Being healthy is not only a positive change for you but also for your family and friends. 

Being fit and healthy helps boost self-esteem which paves the way for success in other areas of your life.  It’s not just a matter of how you look; it’s your ability to realize you are stronger than you think.

Eating better makes you feel better.  We were not designed to eat fast food and chemicals.  Eating healthy and clean allows your body to function more properly.  When your body does that so does your mind.

There are plenty of reasons to work on achieving health, so why aren’t you doing it?  It comes down to this: We live in a faced paced society that has encouraged you to do everything quickly.  We attempt to accomplish ten tasks at once, we go till exhaustion thinking we will get ahead in doing so.  We eat on the run and fitness easily drops off our priority list.  We fall into these patterns and at some point usually step back and say “I’m not sure I’m really happy.”  True happiness is achieved through balance, mindfulness and purposefulness.

If you have read this far you probably agree with what I am saying and want to change this pattern.  You want to live healthier, be happier and more productive.  If you are going to make a life-long change for the better you are going to have to do it in small steps, period!  Here are ways in which you can move forward in achieving this:

  • Stop eating fast food.  Give yourself license in the beginning to keep all your old habits but just stop eating fast food.
  • Change one eating habit per week.  Swap out a product for something healthier; eliminate something from your diet that isn’t good for you.
  • Begin an exercise program that requires you to do ten minutes of cardio at a time.  Ten minutes, that’s it.  You can make ten minutes a day.
  • Simplify your life.  Life gets cluttered and clutter takes up a lot of space.

Example 1: Clutter in your home.  That actually pulls your attention from other things.  It’s hard to manage life when you are surrounded by things, and piles of paper and undone tasks.  Change that pattern and de-clutter your home, car and office space.  This will help you focus.

Example 2: Clutter in your life.  This comes in the form of people, activities, and commitments.  Sometimes less is more.  We tend to give of our time to so many things that then we really are not offering anyone anything much of value.  Or, we are offering a lot to others but in the process neglecting ourselves.  Simplify commitments.  Pick your top 5 priorities and do those!  Make fitness one of them.  Pick the people who you want in your life and make time for them.  You can’t make time for everyone.  The reality is that some individuals are actually a drain on your productiveness.  Begin to recognize that and make the necessary changes.

People often think health and fitness is basic.  You exercise, eat right and achieve it.  That is the foundation, but taking a closer look at what prevents us from doing that is the way we can actually achieve these goals.  Fitness and wellness is a life approach.  It’s a philosophy.  It is less about an act and more about a mindset.  If you can get to that mindset, the rest will come easy.


Exercising Regularly with no Results? Consider this…..

16 Feb
Jaime Michelle participating in a triathlon, a great way to ensure you vary your exercise routine.

Many people tell me they exercise regularly but fail to get results.  There are a number of reasons for that, but here are my top three!  When I forget these three things I inevitably feel my body not responding the way I want it to!  Keep these in mind as you plan you daily activities:

Stagnant routine: Your body is excellent at adapting.  That means that the more you do a certain exercise the better the body becomes at it and the less it has to work.  The best thing you can do is to change up your exercise routine on a regular basis.  This is why runners, for example, don’t just train doing long runs.  They do interval training, tempo training, they incorporate other activities such as Pilates and weight lifting allowing them to cross train.  Make sure you keep your body guessing.

Lack of intensity: Any exercise is good.  I’ll get that out of the way up front.  However, mindful exercise is best.  When you hit the gym and jump on the elliptical are you reading a magazine?  If so you are likely not working to your full capacity.  Plan to fully dedicate 30 minutes to an hour when you begin your workout.  Focus without interruption.  That means not a lot of chatting, no reading, checking email on your phone, or making to-do lists!  Engage your muscles, think about your breathing and focus on working to your maximum capacity!

Over training: I get it, you’re excited and you want to get your entire weeks work out complete in one day.  It doesn’t work like that.  Exercise is similar sleep; it needs to be consistent and regular.  If you don’t work out for five days don’t expect to put in 2.5 hours at the gym and make-up for lost time.  You’ll fatigue your body and then the following days you won’t work to your capacity.  Aim to exercise on a regular basis, taking the occasional day off to allow the body to recover.

Focusing on these things will help you get results.  If you are stuck, find someone who is very fit and ask them what they do.  It doesn’t have to be a trainer and exercise professional (although these individuals have a wealth of knowledge).  It might be your neighbor, a friend, a family member.  Pay attention to how other fit people approach exercise.  In many cases you’ll learn some hints that might help.