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Eat Pray EXERCISE Love

3 Apr

Eat Pray EXERCISE and Love

This is my new mantra.  I saw the movie Eat Pray Love some time ago and have thought about it ever since.  I have several moments where I yearn to be Julia Roberts traveling through foreign countries finding myself.  Since the life of a mother to two young children precludes me from doing that, I’ll have to spend the hours between 8:30 – 2:30 weekdays figuring it out while simultaneous grocery shopping, cleaning, running errands and working.  Never-the-less, I am going to keep working on this and hopefully someday I’ll figure out the key to happiness and the meaning of life as a result.  I imagine the best way to get there is every once in a while just putting aside my ambitions, goals, pressures and responsibilities and focus on just being me.  Today I decided to reflect on eating, praying, exercising and loving.  I had to add exercise to the equation, because if I were to travel world like Julia I’d likely do this as well. Here’s what I came up with.


Eating is happiness. If you don’t believe me, try not doing it for a few days straight. Better yet, try limiting yourself for months on end.  Trust me, I can speak intelligently on this topic, I’ve been there.  Eating the right foods that nourish the body and fill the soul helps you mentally.  Balance is paramount in this, not overindulging too much, nor under indulging.  Developing a healthy relationship with food is important.  Think about the bad relationships you have had with others, they can be toxic to your well-being.  The same can be said for relationships with food.  Figure out what your body needs to feel you’re very best and stick to that.


I am not overly religious, but meditation, reflection, and communing with whatever power that you see fit can greatly improve your perspective.  Quieting the mind is the most difficult part for many of us in doing this. We live in a society that demands we are always “on”.  We begin to wonder… if you strip away all the things about me…my resume, my degree, my awards, my relationships, my possessions, am I enough?  Just me, is it enough?  That’s a good question.  Praying, in whatever fashion you see fit, seems to reaffirm that you are enough, exactly where you are at.  You don’t need anyone else to tell you that, you just need to believe it yourself.  Acceptance of who you are, often arrived through prayer, can open doors that were invisible to you before.


We are designed to move.  We eat and we move and it seems to balance out.  Like ying and yang, eating and exercise go together.  Nourish the body so that it can move.  Effectively combining these two things allows for love.  You will grow to love your body for its strength and health.  Aging gracefully has a lot to do with respecting your body not for its physical features, but for how it supports you.  Exercise=empowerment.  Push yourself to achieve physical goals and suddenly you will find yourself doing that in other areas of your life, and being successful at it.


Love yourself.  Love your body.  Love others. You were put on earth exactly the way you are and no amount of wishing you were someone will change that.  Loving yourself is the door to fully appreciating life, and others for that matter.  Loving yourself is not a bad thing.  You ought to be your own biggest fan.  You ought to believe in yourself and abilities.  You can believe you can do something or you can believe you can’t, either way you are right.  Learn from others, let them in, but don’t ever allow others to make you believe you are not beautiful, or capable or amazing.

Today I’m committing to loving myself.  To keeping exercise a priority and to eating foods that make me feel good.  I will respect my body, and take pride in being perfectly imperfect.  I’ll recognize that I can change certain things about myself but there are things I can’t, and that’s okay.  I’ll spend time quietly reflecting on life, being in the moment and appreciating that the world is bigger than me.  I’ll love fiercely and boldly, trust more than I’m comfortable with, and support those around me.  I’ll live with no regrets; take chances and risk failure… most importantly I’ll find myself, even if it means I don’t go farther than up the street to do it.